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*Prononuced Lee'or Mor​, Try it.

Leading a business in an age of accelerating change

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We live in an exciting yet challenging time.
Game-changing technologies like Artificial intelligence, robotics and genome biology developed at an accelerating pace.

New industries are born, and old ones become archaic, new roles created while other disappear and the old way of doing business is dramatically changing.

This age will bring a dramatic impact on our society, the way we do business, our personal and family lives.

Hi, I’m Lior Mor

Together we will explore the changes, their implications and how to successfully lead business and flourish in an age of fast-moving technological growth.

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Who Is Lior Mor? What is this site for?

Lior Mor is a passionate business navigator, keen technologist, and an innovator at heart.

As someone who is plain curious, Lior Mor have gathered a lot of knowledge and insights on various domains.
However, Lior’s primary interest is the intersection between leading business, technology and creativity.
Lior have seen how the pace of change in changing the old business paradigms and how new approaches are needed succeed.

Lior want to share his insights and ideas with the world so that together we can build a new rulebook for business leadership in the 21 century.
After all, a candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.

Lior Mor
Lior Mor

8 things that makes Lior Mor interesting

1. Lior Mor is a proud citizen of Startup Nation (Israel, in a Tel Aviv suburb).
2. what Lior likes about the business world.

The business world has always been fascinating to me. For me, it’s like a 3D chess board with no rules where knowledge and creativity give you an edge, and boy do I love playing.
I enjoy having the Birdseye view of the world, leading and navigating people with forward-looking inspiring vision while always striving for their constant mastery and wellbeing.

Inspirational leadership
3. how lior’s geeky roots developed.

Technology, science, and innovation are my old-time passions. As a child, I created science experiments, engineering projects with Lego (MacGyver was my childhood hero) and Learned basic coding.
Growing up being the classic early adopter I appreciated new products and innovations that helped make my life s simpler and more convenient, dreaming that someday I will make one of my own contributions to the world.
In my adult life, I allured by the science of data analysis, artificial intelligence and their future application and implications on our world.

4. analytical problem solver with an artistic eye.

I’m a very creative problem solver; when I encounter a problem, I take the analytical approach by trying to attack it from different angles with different domain knowledge until the best solution reveals itself (and the cartoon light bulb near my lid up).
Recently I also discovered I have an artistic eye; I have always loved movies (like so many at my age, dreaming of being Dawson of Dawson’s Creek) and lately, I have found myself enjoying more and more the art of being a hobby director. Combining visuals, words, and music into a compelling story.

5. avid learner.

when it comes to learning, I see myself as always curious and agile.
I’m a believer in the power of knowledge (but not in the old proverb sense) as I see it, by mastering different domains we can integrate knowledge to create new inventions and innovations. Therefore I strive to be a sort of renaissance man by learning in any way possible; from books to magazines, Blogs and podcast, lectures (online and offline) to conventions and meetups.

6. why does Lior Mor believes in the future of humanity.

I strive for excellence, holding everyone around me to the highest bar. However, I stay true to the fact that *every person* can be a superstar when they find their sweet spot between their values, strengths, and interest.
In an age of automation and artificial intelligence its easy to forget the purpose of all of that. I believe that entrepreneurs have to strive that their inventions and innovations are created to help the people of this world have a better life and advance humanity as a whole.

Every body is can be a superhero
Lior Mor enjoy's public speking
7. Lior just enjoy telling a story to a crowd.

Presentations are a way to tell a story to your audience, yet the thought of it terrifies most people. I still remember my first time. It was in the auditions I did at the open university debate club. I had to debate a subject I just learned about for 2 minutes in front of 40 people! Cold sweat ran on my back while I deliver the talk. I was terrified but surprisingly for me, very excited and energized. After three years at the debate club, I stopped being scared but still excited and energized. For me, presentations are a great tool to deliver your idea’s in compelling and creative and humoristic way to an audience.

8. What does Lior do when the office light turn down?

I take great pleasure in watching, tasting and enjoying other people creations. I’m a foodie that loves to eat new and exciting dishes, to feel the small nuance cooked inside the plate and it’s serving while drinking some excellent reserved wine. I’m also fond of humor, and I go once a month to the local comedy bars for a good show.
Still, my longtime passion remains the movies. I just love to see how they create a compelling story using a well-written script played with actors, some visual effects, and great music and just mesmerized me to the screen.

Lior Mor is a foodie

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