Lior Mor's short Bio

Lior Mor's short Bio

Lior Mor

If I must describe myself to you in a sentence, I will tell you that

I am a passionate business navigator, keen technologist, and an innovator at heart making a futuristic vision, a vivid business reality.

however, if we took an elevator ride together, l would elaborate, like this:

I am on a journey from a financier to becoming a technological business leader.
I have always loved the business world, and I was drawn to become your classic capitalist financier, I have used my business mindset and technological skills, But I was the sole beneficiary. However, something inside of me changed.
I felt I can do better to the world by using my love of technology, my sharp business skills, and my abundant creativity to help make my technological vision, a living reality that would help advance humanity forward.

My domain expertise range from the financial to the technological worlds. in the last couple of years I have been intrigued by the technologies that will rule our world in the decades to come.
Consequently, I have spent countless hours on learning the gist of  machine learning algorithms, and Artificial intelligence,

Also, I am skilled in leading a team, from envisioning a strategy, inspire the team using my communication skills executing it to perfection. Also, I can analyze complicated situations and come up with novel solutions/products and manage the product building process with my “Eagle mindset” (high in the sky AND down on the ground).

The summary of Lior Mor carrer path

Harel Insurance & Finance – Business Analysis Team Leader And Internal Bi-Product Manager Under Harel’s Senior VP & COO. (2/2014-10/2017)

We actively contributed to driving company’s sales to their predefined goals using innovative data-driven products, managing internal Marketing & Sales Bi-products and old fashion business analysis.

My role consisted of:
1. Team leadership – Building, leading and managing a team using technological vision translated to strategy and coached to perfection.
2. Innovation & creativity – Using creative problem solving and innovation to find solutions using data and business insights.
3. Product management – Leading the Marketing & Sales internal BI Data products development.
4. Data insights – From business analysis reports, PP presentations to building data-driven products and systems.
5. networking and building relationships with decision makers.

Harel Insurance& finance – Senior Business Analyst (8/2012-2/2014)

I started as a junior business analyst and quickly became the senior BA in the marketing and sales division.

My role was to use sales, financial & profitability data to help the senior VP&CMO reach company’s goals. From the analysis of data to building complex internal system to creating and maintaining Marketing & sales campaigns to creating the slides for his senior management/board presentations.

Koheletrade – My own fund management business. (2009-8/2012)

I Traded clients funds by analyzing the technical, financial, geopolitical, and psychological information that influence the markets.
Over time I built proprietary indicators, pointers, and statistical models. Rigorously optimized for various data samples. Next, I improved, kept or tossed each one.
Eventually, I created algorithmic trading robots to help me invest and manage the funds under my supervision and achieve a moderate return for my clients with minimized risk.

It was fun, modestly profitable yet very stressful and lonely.
And it was also intensely self-focused. I didn’t feel like I was making any contribution to the business world or society.
I realized this is not something I wanted to do for the rest of my life and headed to the business world to use my talents in a more productive environment.

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